We, PGS Hotels consider as our main goal to immediately build a structure in accordance with laws, ethical values and spirit of time to keep our earth that we received as a deposit from mother nature, in best condition. This goal is also a respect to life right of all living creatures. Considering our faith in assistance of our employees and guests, our only duty is to guide our employees and guests and to encourage our colleagues to continue that respect.

Below stated aspects to conserve these life rights, will be updated through the spirit and needs of time, but there will never be a twist from our main goal.


    In order to protect environment:

    We will run our operations with our faith in sustainable environment and consciousness of our responsibilities to environment and society.

    We will actively run our environment management system and provide its continuity.

    We will keep pollutable factors under control and minimize our possible pollution and harm to environment.

    We will perform our legal responsibilities and obey environment laws and official regulations.

    We will use the newest technologies available in order to reduce negative effects to environment.

    We will share our environmental consciousness and efforts with our employees, guests, suppliers and society to ensure they will be adopted as a life philosophy.

    We will arrange education programs for our employees to inform and motivate them about environment issues.

    To prevent pollution, we will perform activities to reduce pollution factors at source, to re-use and recycle sources.

    We will perform activities to optimal use of energy and sources and to prevent excess use of sources. We will destroy hazardous wastes in accordance with environmental regulations.

    We will define environmental risks that may occure after the activities of all our departments and form precautions to reduce wastes.

    We will produce solutions to recycle wastes at our enterprise.

    To provide sustainable natural resources we will regularly check our use of electricity and water usage and take measures to prevent excess usage.

    We will continue to train our employees to prevent excess use of chemicals.

    We will use biological control methods at garden maintenance and continue using drip irrigation to save water.

    To prevent emergency situations and natural disasters, we will perform regular practises with our emergency response teams.

    We will continue to perform our activities in accordance with our responsibilities against conditions of our award which is the symbol of a clean sea and a safe and reliable beach.

    We will secure plant species in our garden and Caretta carettas that come to our beach to help conservation of natural life.

    We will make continous updates about our environment management system. We will continue our struggle to optimal usage of natural resources and prevent pollution.

    We will contribute in sustainable tourism.

    In order to improve environmental awareness of our employees and guests, we will continously offer reminding information.

    We will continue our announcements at environmental awareness signs for our employees.

    We hope you will contribute our efforts for our environment.